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Don't let Spring sweep you away.....Take Care of yourself

New Specials:
60 mn Massage for $50*
75 mn Massage for $60* NEW!!
90 mn Massage for $70*
60 mn Reflexology for $50
90 mn combo: 30mn/Reflexology + 60mn/Massage for $70!!
2 pk 60 mn massages for $90*  
*(excludes hot stone)
60 mn Hot Stone Massage for $60

Take care of yourself Packages: 
2-90 mn Massages OR 3-60 mn Massages for $130.
(All prices good Thru June 15, 2016. Gift Certificates available.)


At Sano Massage I understand the demands and strains daily life places on you.
I'm committed to providing you an escape from the stress of daily life so you can focus on your health, "Sano" and well being. My goal is to educate you as clients on self care , body awareness and provide you with helpful tips on how to maintain balance. I incorporate a variety of massage therapy techniques to help you achieve a healthy balanced life.

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